Website design is the ideal choice if you want to get your business (or yourself) noticed by millions of web surfers.

Understandably you will not want to be recognized by all of these people but this is just an indication of the possibilities of a website.

It is true that not everybody would benefit from having their own, unique, website but that decision should be left to the individual concerned.

A website should be designed with usability in mind. (It should be fast loading and be easily navigated).

The website will be designed, and maintained (if required), by one person who will always be available to talk through any problems or concerns that you may have.

Websites designed at very favourable rates to your personal specifications.

Images, logos and text are all to be provided by you (the customer) to take advantage of these special rates. (Different prices apply if these cannot be provided).

The price includes basic optimisation of the website, registration and hosting of a domain name of your choice (subject to availability). This currently lasts for 2 years for a domain name (different extensions .com etc. and different hosting periods are available on request).

Single page website to give you a web presence.                           £75.00                      £25.00 DEPOSIT

Additional pages for any purpose.                                                    £15.50                      £5.00 DEPOSIT