Hello I'm Tom Green

I was born in 1960 and, after a fulfilling life, was diagnosed, in 1992 with Multiple Sclerosis.

I was medically retired, in 2001, (due to poor co-ordination and balance).

This was after a working life as a electrician apprentice for 4 years (where a got a HTEC [Higher Technician Education Council] certificate in Elecrical & Electronic Engineering when I got the COMPUTER BUG), 1 year as a vehicle electrician and then as a Medical Engineering Technician for 19 years, working for both the MOD and NHS.

I am very happily married with 2 children and 3 Grandchildren.

I thought that, after retiring, I would like the easy life. This was the case for a short time but I found that I needed to keep my mind active so decided to design website's on a Freelance basis. This enabled me to work from home and to provide a service at a price that was convenient for the customer.