Website Design / Website Maintenance

and Search Engine Optimisation

Tom's Website Design  was formed in 2006 by Tom Green (after medical retirement) to carry out affordable website design, website maIntenance and SEO.

You are probably asking yourself "do I really need a website?"

The answer is YES if you are :-     • An individual who wants to have their own website.
                                                        • Somebody who wants to publicise a personal project.
                                                        • A charitable organisation.
                                                        • Somebody¬†running a special event.
                                                        • The owner of a small business who wants to build up a customer base of people who would, possibly, not know about you if you were not on the web.

Getting a website is a relatively inexpensive way of gaining the attention of a wide variety of people who, otherwise, could be difficult to reach in a short period.

If you have an idea that will help promote yourself or your business

I can design a quality, affordable, website (exclusively) for you

Whether you want a Website design carried out from scratch, you simply wish to use a pre-defined template or if you have an idea from an existing website, I can design a high quality, affordable, Website for you. (After working with you to determine what you require). After receiving your deposit I will register a site (domain) name for you. (This name is chosen by you and should be appropriate to suit both your needs and your website theme).

(conditions apply)

On completion of the website I will upload it to my test area where you will be able to view the website and `try it out`. Changes will be made - (if you have any concerns). If you are pleased with the result and wish to proceed simply pay the balance and I will upload your `unique` website to your registered domain name.

You will then be `online`


In the unlikely event that you are not happy I am afraid that I will not be able to refund the deposit paid as I would already have purchased, and registered, your domain name.